Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism

Tourism Activities

Boğazköy-Hattis, Alacahöyük and Ortaköy-Şapinuva for the major parts of tourism in Çorum. Apart from, Çorum is also suitable for history tourism village tourism, hunting tourism, congress tourism, trekking and cycling tourism.

The most important touristy facilities are Boğazkale, Alacahöyük and Ortaköy ; the historical structure , the historical places and Çorum Museum in the city center city center Hacıhamza ;  the plains in İncesu Canyon, Bayat, Kargı and İskilip.

The excavations started in 1834 in Çorum shed light to the cultures in Anatolia; from these cultures, Hattis , the capital of Hittites, Alacahöyük near Hattis had Çorum gained his reputation all over the world. Due to the excavations held for centuries in Çorum and being in the center of Hittites civilization,  the researches made by the foreign and domestic scientists increased. As a result, the new excavations areas were opened . These areas having tourism potential will be changed into a touristy areas in the near future. Çorum which has three museums for the pieces excavated here, is also famous for Çorum Museum and for being the museum in which unique Hittites pieces are exhibited. The museum which has a new exhibition system is liked by domestic and foreign tourists and the number of them are increasing day by day.  

Looked at the Çorum’s potential in terms of Cultural Tourism, cuisine tourism in Çorum show the characteristics of Middle Anatolia taste. Çorum’s cuisine is remarkable to attract the attention of foreigners and natives in terms of  diversity, quality and taste

Çorum was not so active in terms of seminar, congress and activities due to the fact that it is close to Ankara. However, the “International Hittitology Congress” inspired the city.The completion of two 5-star-hotel construction will change our city into a place which is remembered as a congress tourism center. 

Hunting tourism has also been very attractive  in recent years. Groups of domestic and foreign hunters are seen in Sungurlu, Çorum and Osmancık. This attraction is observed carefully and Hunting Tourism is tried to be organized. New hunting grounds are located and hunting tourism will be better than ever in the near future. In 2004, 70 tourist came to Çorum for hunting tourism and they spent about 14.155 dollars. Four sample hunting grounds are located in order to develop hunting tourism. The wild boar hunting will be organized in these grounds firstly. The number of wild boar is plenty in our city and this attracts the foreign hunters. The numbers of these grounds will be increased as to the demand and our city will be one of the most important centers. Çorum which gave a lot of immigration to other cities and countries is very active in summers due to the people  coming from the metropols and the coming of people from abroad who have families in Çorum. Especially participation in fairs and festivals held in Kargı for nearly a century is very high.  The plains are also very suitable for horse-riding, trekking and caravan tourism. Administration of City Environment and Forest located new walking routes, suitable places for paragliding and bicycle tourism. Information about these activities can be gained from travel agencies. The natural resources should be assessed and the investments must be made for spa tourism.