Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism


The 418 seat hall which was built in 1971 in order to be used for the cultural activities was devolved to the State Theatres. This hall serves for  tour programmes of State Theatres and the other art activities in the city.

            Address : Hamit Kaplan Street-  Next to the Stadium. ÇORUM
-Telephone : ( +90-364)- 213 33 43


            With the establishmed of Republic, the art activities in our province have increased. The conferences, exhibitions, concerts, sports competitions and plays through Türkiye have been presented. The first play of our province “ Mavi Yıldırım” by Aka GÜNDÜZ  , “ Beş Devir” by Yaşar Nabi NAYIR , “İstiklal” performed by Çorum  Community Center are a few of these successful plays.

            In 1960, the fact that the community centers were closed down affected the art activities badly and the plays confronted the danger of not being performed. Çorum mayors of that time found a solution and they converted the top floor of municipality building into little theatre. But in a short time, the problem emerged again and the plays prepared continued to be performed  in narrow performance halls at schools. In 1963 Community Education Center was established and with the leading participation of Necati SUCUOĞLU and many other  enthusiasts, the theatre activities were accelarated.


            Between the years of 1970 and 1989 the artistic activities increased again. The most important reason for this was that the present day State Theatre Building which was built in 1971. With the leadership of the Public Education Center theatre department, the plays were started to be performed in Çorum City Theatre which was built in 1971 and 1972 . However, these newly founded theatral groups vanished  consecutively   because of financial difficulties .  Besides the plays performed by Public Education Center theatre department, the amateur theatral groups were sometimes invited to our  province in this era.  The State Theatre also arranged a tour and tried to introduce modern theatre in a professional sense. The present day State Theatre serves for  Culture and Art  in our province with a modern building and without any infrastructure problem .