Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism



The rivers in Çorum flow into the two most important rivers of Türkiye, Kızılırmak and Yeşilırmak Reservoirs.

Kızılırmak Reservoir

The part of Kızılırmak in Çorum is 182km long. This part includes Bayat, İskilip, City center, Osmancık, Kargı towns and the villages.

Kızılırmak Reservoir and  Rice Paddies

Yeşilırmak Reservoir

Most part of Çorum city center, Alaca, Mecitözü and Ortaköy towns’ streams and branches flow into Çereker which is one of the most important  tributaries of Yeşilırmak in this reservoir.

Çorum Çat Water (82 km)

It consists of the streams and branches flowing down Eğerci and Köse Mountain and it is also called Derinçay. It also mixes with Çomarbaşı and Sıklık. Then it flows for 3 km in western part of the city center. In the south, it mixes with Yılgınözü and Hatap streams. It also mixes with Ahilyas stream and it becomes Çorum Suyu. When it mixes with Budaközü flowing from Alaca, it becomes Çorum Çat Suyu. It flows through Mecitözü and its villages ; it mixes with Çekerek in Amasya.

Mecitözü Stream

It springs in Kırklar Mount and after flowing 1-1,5 km away from the city center, it mixes with Çorum Çat Suyu in Amasya.

Çekerek Stream

It waters some parts of Ortaköy town and its fields. It flows into Amasya borders.