Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism



The history of Boğazkale dates back to BC 5000. The significant historical places in the town are the capital of Hittites Hattis which is very close to the town and its magnificient temple,  Yazılıkaya.

It was named as Boğazköy in early republic period , then it was changed into Boğazkale in 1936. The municipal organization was founded in 1967 and it became a town in 1987 after its administration was seperated from Sungurlu.

Boğazkale used to be administered by Sungurlu but it became a town in 1987 due to its touristy importance. It is now administered by Çorum. Its name was used to be Boğazköy and it is 82 km from southwestern Çorum.

The discovery of Hattis and Yazılıkaya was in 1834. Several foreign archaeologists worked here individually between the years of 1835-1894 ; the excavations were initiated by German Research Center of Eastern Cultures until 1904. These excavations have been going on since 1939 permanently.

The excavations on behalf of German Archeological Institute have been hold by Dr. Jurgen Seher in Hattis.

Hattis and Yazılıkaya in Boğazkale were officially announced as the national parks on the official journal of 2nd October 1998 with the decisions made by council of ministers.

Hattis and Yazılıkaya are on the 377. place of the world protected heritage list of UN Unesco.

Geographical Structure

The acreage of the town is 260 km² and has an elevation of  1036 m.The vegetation is generally steppe. The most important river is Budaközü stream.

Terrestrial climate is dominant in the town. The total territory of the town is 22. 902 ha, forest territory is 6.165 ha, grassland  is 23ha, meadow is 3784 ha, field territory is 12.110 ha. .

The major part of the town is in the mountanious region and the rest is in the plain region. There are poplar trees in the town center and Evren district ; willow and pine trees in mountainous area.

Administrative Structure and Population Status

The population is 1970 as to the general census held in 2000. The population of 12 villages and two districts is 6.220. The total population is 8190. The town center consists of three quarters. İbikçam area  administered by Hisar quarter is 7 km from the town center.