Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism


Laçin used to be two villages called Büyüklaçin and Küçüklaçin before it became a town. It became a town on 20th May 1990.

Laçin is on the highway of Çorum-Osmancık. Hamamözü is in the east, Osmancık in the north, Dodurga and Oğuzlar in the west, Çorum in the south of Osmancık. Monumental Rock Grave, Laçin Mansion Recreational Area are the attractive places. 

Geographical Structure 

Laçin has has an elevation of  720 m and its acreage is 214 km2 . It is 29 km from Çorum. It is in the transition region of Black Sea Climate and Territorial Climate. Winters are cold ;  summers are  hot and dry.  Rainfall is generally in spring. The average annual rainfall rate is 530,2 mm. The continuation of Köse Mount (1750 m) and Eğerci Mount (1765 m) is forested.

Administrative Structure and Population Status

The population of the town is 2.513 as to the census held in 2000. Population of town center is 2.513 and villages is 7.272. The total population is 9.425. Two districts (Narlı, Çamlıca) and 11 villages are administered by the town.