Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism


The history of Mecitözü was understood to be dating back to BC 5000 with the excavations performed in Kuşsaray Village and Elvançelebi.

It was started to be administered by  Çorum in 1916 after it was started to be administered by Sivas City Amasya District for a long time.

It is in Middle Black Sea Region and on Çorum-Amasya highway. It is 37 km from Çorum. The most significant historical buildings are Elvan Çelebi Mosque (1352) , its tomb and its bath. Beke (Figani) spas serve for domestic tourism.

Geographical Structure 

The town is surrounded by Avkat Mount in the North, Çıkrık and Kırklar Mount in the South. It is 37 km from Çorum, and it has the elevation of 750m. The acreage is 942 km2. The averages rainfall is 422,7 mm.

Administrative Structure and Population Status

The population is totaly 26.064 , 5.787 in the town center and 20.277  in the villages,  as to  the general census held in 2000. There are 54 villages and a district (Elvançelebi Beldesi)  in the town.