Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism


The History of The Town

It is surrounded by Kızılırmak in the south and high mountains in the east and west. Its name was Karabörk Divanı ( a famous literary book ) in  the history. It is in a valley that lies through Kızılırmak. It seems like a dead end. 

It used to be a village with the name of Karaviran and administered by İskilip. Its name was changed into Karaören in 1950 and municipality was established in 1964. The town was established in 1990 with the name of 1990.

Geographical Structure

It is 68 km from Çorum and its acreage is 121 km2 and it has an elevation of  650 m.

It is in the transition region of Black Sea Climate and Middle Anatolia Climate.

Administrative Structure and Population Status

The population of Oğuzlar is totally 9.083 as to the census held in 2000. The population of town center is 4.678 and the villages is 4.405.