Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism


It is understood from the found pieces belonging to Hittites and Roman ages that the place was a settlement in the historical ages.

Turks who came from Middle Asia settled in Pınarköy , Asraköy and Ortaköy.  Pınarköy, Asraköy and Ortaköy combined and it became Ortaköy. It became a town in 1959.

It is in the southeast part of city center and in the south of Mecitözü. It is 53 km from the city center. The excavations in Şapinuva in Ortaköy which is one of the trade center of Hittites are still being continued. İncesi Canyon in İncesi village  and Damlataş Cave  in Aşdavul village are worth seeing. Kybela Rock Relief which is engraved inside the rocks in İncesu Canyon near Çekerek stream is also one of the most important historical structures.

Geographical Structure

Ortaköy is 57 km from Çorum and its acreage is 238 km2. The terrestrial climate is seen in the town. The average rainfall is 409.5 mm.

Administrative Structure and Population Status

The population of the town is totally 11.820 as to the census held in 2000. The population of town center is 3.349  and the villages is 8.471.