Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism


The History of The Town

The first settlement began in Chalcolithic (stone) age (BC 5000) . The region was under the rule of Hittites, Phrygians, Galatians, and Romans in the later ages.

It started to be administered by Yozgat in 1864. The town center became a municipality in 1866. It started to be administered by Çorum 1924.

Geographical Structure

The acreage of the town is 2.557 km² and it has an elevation of   780m. It is 72 km from Çorum.

Terrestrial climate is dominant in the town. Summers are hot and dry ; winters are cold and snowy. The average rainfall is 438.1 mm.

Administrative Structure and Population Status

The population of the town is totally 80.840 as to the census held in 2000. The population of town center is 35.397 and the villages is 45.443. There is are 6 district (Arifegazili, Demirşeyh, Kaledere, Tuğlu, Yörüklü, Kavşut ) started to be administered by town and there are 101 villages and 6 areas.