Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism


The History of The Town

The first name of the town is Kızılören. It became a town in 1929 and started to be administered by İskilip. It got the name of Uğurludağ in 1954  referring to Urlu Mount  near the town.  The municipal was founded in 1969 and it became a town in 1987.

Geographical Structure

The acreage of the town is 596 km2 and it has an elevation of  775m. It is 66 km from Çorum.

Middle Anatolia Climate is dominant in the town. Summers are hot and dry ; winters are cold and rainy. The annual rainfall is 450mm.

Administrative Structure and Population Status

There are 19 villages in the town. The population of the town is totally 16.265 as to the census held in 2000. The population of town center is 7.648 and the villages is 8.617.