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A rumour related to the name of “Çorum”

As to the rumour, the Seljuk Sultan Kılıç Arslan’s son Yakup Mirza caught a very serious illness. Doctors say : “ Take him to Çorum. Its atmosphere would be good for him.” He was really okey a few months later after they took him to Çorum. Upon this, sultan sent all the ill people here. And the name of the city became Çorum. This rumour can also be found in travel book by Eyliya Çelebi.

Koyun Baba rumours :

The real name of Koyun Baba is Seyit Ali. It is claimed that he is from the prophet’s family. While he was a shepherd in Bursa he made a deal with the lord to buy one of the two lambs. After a while, he had forty lambs. He settled in Osmancık with these 40 lambs. After bleating every 24 hours, his name started to be known as Koyun Baba.

Koyun Baba who is regarded as one of the saints in the region has a lot of rumours . One of them is :

Koyun Baba has 3 dogs. He names them as Kara Kadi, Sarı Kadi and Ala Kadi. While Baghdad Kadi passes through Osmancık, he hears this.He complains to the sultan about that. Sultan calls Koyun Baba, and asks why he calls his dogs with those names.

Kadi (muslim Judge) never know illicit and licit. But my dogs know. Let’s try if you wish. Sultan accepts his offer.

Koyun Baba asks twenty illicit meal and twenty licit meal. When they bring the meal, he puts them in front of the dogs. Dogs eat the licit meal. They don’t even touch the illicit meal.

Sultan is so amazed. He wants to reward Koyun Baba. He asks what he wants. Koyun Baba says:

I don’t want anything from the government treasure. That is enough for me to give Kadis Sarıalan and Kadi Saltukalan to my dogs as dog’s food.

Koyun Baba stares at the kadi who started to complain to sultan and he dies.

A rumour related to Koyun Baba’s Bridge :

Fatih Sultan Mehmet visits Koyun Baba while going to Otlukbeli. He beat Uzun Hasan in the war. He sends his vizier to Koyun Baba whether he has any wishes or not. Koyun Baba says :

- “ If he wants to do a favour, he can build a bridge on the River Kızılırmak. He can also exempt our winter quarters, summer pastures and our sheep from taxes so that we can host our guests better.”

His desires are realized.But the bridge cannot be completed before sultan dies. Beyazıd II set off when he hears the news about his father’s death. When he comes to Osmancık he sees Koyun Baba who is grazing his sheep near the river. He wants Koyun Baba to take him to the other side of the river. Koyun Baba says:

-“Okey but provided that you build a bridge here”.  

Sultan’s son gives his word. Koyun Baba tells him to close his eyes until he says to open. Sultan’s son does what he says. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself in İstanbul. Koyun Baba disappears. Beyazıt II dreams of Koyun Baba a few moths later when he is on throne. Koyun Baba wants him to build a bridge. The next day, he dreams it again. Upon this, he sends the equipments and craftsmen to Osmancık. They start to build the bridge. It is said that Koyun Baba brings stones to the bridge with his ders.

One of the dervishes asks Koyun Baba during the construction of the building about where he wants to be buried after his death. He says : “ The place where this stone falls down.” And he throws a stone. When he dies, Beyazıt II had him buried in this place and they build a tomb here.


It can be seen that epic tradition is available in Çorum Folk Literature. The events that took place in the region are referred in epics.

The Epic of Necip : Necip asked one of his best friend to take care of his wife when he is on army. His friend gives him his word.

After Necip leaves, he often comes and asks Necip’s wife’s needs. But he never sees her face. One day, he sees her hand and he falls in love. And he writes a letter which contains many bad things about his wife.At the end Necip get divorced. He made many tricks and they get married.

When Necip returns to his village he learns the truth and he became ill due to his grief. He wants to see his wife before he dies. The woman is resentful because he got divorced due to the gossips. The dialogue between them as follows :


Galbim sururi geldi yanıma,

Şifa geldi bedenime canıma,

Kerem et sevdüm girme ganıma,

Necip sana gurban can gurban derim söylemez.


Çekildi banhanım, yüklendi gatar,

Derdim oldu eskilerden beter,

Kerem et sevdüm bu keder yeter,

Küstüm sana bu dünyada barışmam

In this poem shortly : Necip says : “ I feel well when I am  with you. Please forgive me. I love you forever.”

Necip’s wife says: “ I feel worse than ever. I will never forgive you.” 

This sayings continue and Necip dies in the end. His wife also dies. This event and their sayings became legends.