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Hıdırellez Custom

In Çorum Region , Hıdırellez is the day which is believed to be the day when prophet Hızır and prophet İlyas met.

The coming of the day Hıdrellez is greeted with joy. It is believed that summer begins and winter ends ; fertility and wealth comes to people. Because of this reason, 6th of May is the day which is celebrated as a festival. Hıdırlık , Erzurum Dede, Sıklık Boğazı and Bağlar are the most famous visited places.

There are people who get prepared two days before they go to these places.They prepare new clothes; pies, stuffed leaves, boiled wheat. People eat and drink together. The young girls play dalya, atlankaya and okkel. Men do not get involved.

At Hıdrellez night, people pray for their wish come true. 

The way people celebrate Hıdrellez in our city – Click to download 

International Çorum Hittites Fear and Festival 

The Çorum Hittites Fear which started to be celebrated in our town in 1981 , the 100th birthday anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk ,  brought a new dimensions in our city in terms of social, cultural, economical colour. This helps to introduce the old civilizations in our city to the world, improve the touristic potential, empower the social peace and the introduction of the industry in our city which has developed a lot in recent years. Çorum Hittites Fear is held every July.  

Kargı  Fair

It is not known when the fair started. But, it is held in Kargı Plain which was known as “Ayın – Oyun”  until 1938 but known as Eyinönü. The place is a crossroad among Kastamonu-Taşköprü-Tosya , Sinop-Boyabat, Osmancık ve Kargı. Eğinönü has kept its importance as it is  a trade crossroad among these places.

Kargı fair is held in the first week of November. The Ayın-Oyun Fair is said to be held in the early September. Ayın – Oyun Fair lasts for two weeks. Apart from Kargı, with the participation of Boyabat-Sinop, Kastamonu, Taşköprü, Tosya, Osmancık ve İskilip , fairs were also held. 

In the first week, tradesmen, artisans and merchants sell their goods. The most important beauty of the shopping was that there was no limitation in the price of the goods. The owner of the goods sell it at any price. 

The second week was named as “Çobanla Panayırı” in which the animals were traded. In this week, the owners of the animals had the chance to trade them. The sporting activity in Ayın-Oyun Fair was javelin. The teams coming from the neighbourhood area had competitive events. Kargı Fair started to be held in the centre of Kargı in 1939.

The fair started to be held in the area of present Cumhuriyet Primary School . In the following years, it was held in İnönü, Yayla and Karaoğlanoğlu Streets. The animal trade and sporting events were held in the place called Kin Pazarı.

On Saturday juvenile ; In the afternoon sporting events such as atletism ; concerts.

 On Sunday wrestling used to be held. On Saturday and Sunday , the activities used to be held in Kargı Çayırı.        

  The fair organised in early November has an important place in city’s economy and culture. Rice, okra and skin bag cheese are introduced and marketed here.          

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Çorum Merkez

(Çorum Belediye Başkanlığı) 


Temmuz 2010


Kültür ve Tanıtım Festivali

Çorum / Bayat İlçesi

(Bayat Belediye Başkanlığı)

13 yıldır devam ediyor.

Ağustos 2010


7. Boğazkale Kültür Etkinlikleri

Çorum / Boğazkale İlçesi

(Boğazkale Belediye Başkanlığı)

6 yıldır devam ediyor.

07-08 Ağustos 2010


Dodurgalılar Kaynaşma ve Dayanışma Kültürel Etkinlikleri

Çorum / Dodurga İlçesi

(Dodurga Belediye Başkanlığı)


25– 26 Temmuz 2010 


Kargı Panayırı

Çorum / Kargı İlçesi

(Kargı Belediye Başkanlığı)

100 yıldır düzenleniyor.

01-07 Kasım 2010


Toplu Sünnet Şöleni

Çorum / Sungurlu İlçesi

(Sungurlu Belediye Başkanlığı)

20 yıldır düzenleniyor.

Haziran-Ekim ayları arasında


Karakucak Yağlı Güreş ve Şenlikleri

Çorum / Sungurlu İlçesi

(Sungurlu Belediye Başkanlığı)

  20 yıldır devam ediyor.

Haziran-Ekim ayları arasında


Festivaller ve Şenlikler

Çorum / Sungurlu İlçesi

(Sungurlu Belediye Başkanlığı)

  20 yıldır devam ediyor.

Haziran-Ekim ayları arasında


Kutlu Doğum Haftası

Çorum / Sungurlu İlçesi

(Sungurlu Belediye Başkanlığı)

  20 yıldır devam ediyor.

Nisan ayı içerisinde


Aşure Günü

Çorum / Sungurlu İlçesi

(Sungurlu Belediye Başkanlığı)

  20 yıldır devam ediyor.

Ocak Ayı içerisinde


Yayla ve Kültür Şenliği

Çorum / Uğurludağ İlçesi

(Uğurludağ Belediye Başkanlığı)

6 yıldır düzenleniyor.

01 Ağustos 2010