Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism

Folk Games

Village Folk Games

1-Camel Game  

There are many folk games which disappeared in Çorum as it did  in other parts of Anatolia. The most common folk game in Çorum is “Camel Game” . The string tied to the neck of the camel is called the camel rider who leads the game. The players consist of two priests, one reeve and two dancers. They hear that there is a wedding ceremony and they visit the ceremony. Their aim is to walk from one house to another to invite everybody to the ceremony. Apart from the dancer, all of them are painted with black and they have beard. The camel rider is on a donkey and he is holding the string. The dancer is the daughter of the camel rider. The priests’ aim is to save the girl from the abuse and kidnapping initiates of the spectators. But the priests also try to kidnap the girl when they have a chance. They beat each other. They hit with the sticks to each other. They also hit to the spectators. While doing this, they also dance. The reeve also tries to help and lead them. The camel walks around the village in this way. In some places of the village the camel stops and the dancers start to dance. Then it goes on walking. When they come to the village fountain, the camel drinks water. During this time, the village people also walk behind the camel. Finally, the camel in the front and the people behind,  they come the harvest square and they keep on having fun there.

2-Chair Wrestling

Another game is the chair wrestling. This has never been seen in the other regions or resources. The wrestler of the village tries to knock out a chair, which symbols his rival. He wrestle with the chair as if it were very strong and a good wrestler. During this period, the drum and the clarion warm the atmosphere and the wrestlers up. Finally, the wrestler is knocked down after great deal of difficulty. The wrestler is announced as the winner.

These two folk games have never seen for  the last 30 years.They are about to be extinct.

3-Other Folk Games

Such as ; Hacı Baba, Kış YarIsı, Topal Kız, Elekçi, Yayık, Kalaycı, Arap, Kartal, Tosbağa, Ayı, Hasan Baba, Davarın Yüzü, Kalburcu, Tilki, Keloğlan,Soku,Eminem,Çiftçi