Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism



A-Women Clothes

The dresses of Çorum public can be grouped as daily and privately (yabanlık).

Generally the old fashion stye of women is called “üçetek”- a kind of dress worn over şalvar by women-.

- The Tops

Üçetek : This is also called as “zıbın” . The dress is full length on leg stretches. Because of the fact that the back is one piece and the front two pieces, it is called “üçetek” . Its collar is V and U shape. The two ends are joined under the breasts. Arms are  long deep slit. Collar, skirt, arm band edges are  decorated with silver. It is generally made of kutnu ( mixture of cotton and silk strings) fabrics. These pabrics have also types such as kemha, taş, bıçak , tefarik and mecidiye.

Şalvar :

This is a kind of large trousers from waist to ankle . Around the waist and wrists, there is ornament. It is tied fast with string. Şalvar’s leg is also tied with a string and the loose part of
shalvar hangs down. It is both made of kutnu fabrics and silk fabrics called "donluk".

Salta : It is worn on üçetek and has different names such as kazaki, libade, erkane, fermene. It is mostly made of purple or maron velvet. The lenghth is below the waist and it is high-necked and long sleeved. Under the arms there is a  triangle piece called “kuş paça”. Collar, back and front parts are ornamented with silver and flower patterns.

Bohça Kuşağı : It is tied to waist on üçetek. It is made of cotton and wool. It has 2 cm wide stripes and it is ornamented with flowers. It is called şal kuşağı. Another type is made of dalabülüz silk string and it has purple, orange, yellow, green, red, black and white fringes. It is folded as triangle and the long side is worn back.

- The Inner Clothes

İç Donu : A kind of panties. It is worn inside of shalvar. It is also called mandik tuman, don or çakşır.

İçlik : It is worn under the shirt.. It is made of cotton.

Sıktırma : A kind of corset.

Shirt  : Some have collars some haven’t. It has three types with lace. It has a long slit. A 2cm silk fabric is covered. The front is tied with 4,5 buttons.

-The Hats

Canfes : A small fez with red, purple colours. It generally has black fringes. The fringes are called as mikyas gamze. It has 5,6,7,8 fringes. Canfes is made three finger wide and spool-shaped. Its top is furnished with pearls. In the middle of the top, there is a mahmudiye gold. The edge of the canfes is circled with gold as well. These gold coins are called tepelik altını.

Yazma : It is tied on Canges. It has flower and rose ornaments. It is made of cotton. Generally it is white and black. The front of the fez is not covered but hair is covered. The cover on the fez varies. İpek kıvrak, oyalı krep or çember covers are used by old people. 

-Foot Clothing

Socks : Socks made of wool, angora wool are worn. They have white, black or brown colour. Sometimes it is grey.The white ones have its own patterns. The socks knitted with colourful strings are also very beautiful. These patterns have the name of : civan kaşı, tavşan izi, süt yüzü, melek hanım camdan sallandı, kaseli masalı, çevre örneği.

Shoes : People wear mes ( leather shoes) or edik on the socks. Its leather is black, yellow, red. In Çorum, there are different types of mes.

- Accessories

In Middle Anatolia, ornaments are mostly gold and silver. In our city , gold is mostly used. Tepe altını or alın altını are some examples.

Saka: Golds are attached to the fabric and it is tied to the edges of fez.

Gerdaniye: On a silk and  red ribbon, the golden coins are attached and used as necklace.

Neck Gold: It is attached on Crescent-shaped cut silk cloth.It is ornamented with Mahmudiye gold.

Göbek Destesi (alıç Altını) : On a gold or red ribbon, small pieces of gold are attached. It has two ranges.

Hair Gold : Gold is attached to a chain and put on hair.It makes sounds while walking.

Zülfiye : They are small pipes. They are tied to the two sides of hair.

Pazvat : It is a silver ornament which is 2cm wide and 8-10 cm tall. It is worn on neck. Inside the pipe there is amulet.

Arm Balls : It is made of silver. It is other name is ığıl.

Silver Belt : The buckles in the front show whether the girl is married or not. These belts are worn on bindallı or kilt.

B-Men Clothing Men’s dress are  generally made of wool or cotton. Wealthy families also wear fabrics called çuha or luvi. Clothes show the status of family.

Shirt : It is worn as underwear. It is also called as göynek. It is made of kıvratma, harir or kenefi pabrics which are threaded at home. Its collar has “O” shape.

İşlik : It is worn on shirt. It is buttoned. It is made of striped fabric. Its arms are long and has only one button.

Zıvga : It is also called çakşır. It is made  fabric called luvi. It has one pocket in each side.It is also ornamented with a black string.

Delme (Yelek) : It has no arms with blue and red colour. It is worn on İşlik.

Cepken / Ceket (Libade) : It is worn on yelek. It has also blue or red underwear. It is long enough to reach to waist. It is also ornamented with silver, flower, leaf patterns.

Gayret Belt : It is made of leather and it is circled once around the waist and buckled. The strings are ornamented by circle silvers. Into its pocket, tools such as tobacco box, money bag, knife, comb, mirror etc. are put. The lowest pocket is not closed. People attach knife, wedge into this pocket. This belt is ornamented by two rows of sewings.

Kuşak / Tosya Belt : Gürün Şalı made of silk and wool is used by rich ; Tosya Belt sewed by wool is used by middle class people. Tosya Belt made of raw silk and goat hair is made with red-green or yellow-black colours. The 30 cm long pieces are linked each other. 2 meter long belt has fringes at the end. It is circled and the fringes are left above the hip.

Fez : Fez which is worn on head has maroon colour. It is made of felt. It has also fringe.

Poşi : Red, yellow, gren, purple silk poşi is folded in the shape of square and it covers the fez. Rich people cover fez with a silk cover called Hind Ebanisi.

Socks : It is hand-sewed and generally white, dark blue or black. The white ones have patterns.

Shoes : Rich wear shoes called Livanlı. Generally men’s shoes are sharped nose and it is made of rubber.

It is ornamented with sewings. It has ornamented high heels. It is generally black.


Köstek : It consists of three chains. It is attached on the left left chest with its crescent and star buckle.