Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism

Traditional Handicrafts


It is not common now in İskilip.. The basket made from nut tree or white willow are called as  çit, zembil, hand basket, basket, sele, women basket, children basket. .


2-Saddle Art

Saddle which is put on draught animal has been made in İskilip for a long time. It is made of goat skin and straw. It can be made by its master in one day. Saddle has different types such as : palan, çatal semer, sele semer, and saddle used on mule.

3-Copper Art

Copper art has been in Çorum since 1910 and still leads its life in İskilip. Copper is bought as leaves and they are cut and welded. After welding, it can be shaped with wooden hammers. Copper masters used to produce the bottom part on their own but nowadays it is produced in factories. Masters combine these parts. The consumption of copper has decreased in recent years.

4-Kargı Fabric

Kargı Fabric weaving , one of the most important handcrafts  to be forgotten , is estimated to date back to 80-100 years ago. It is known that Kargı fabric has been woven in our town centre and Kızılırmak Valley (Gökçedoğan, Bağözü, Köprübaşı, Karacaoğlan ) for the clothing needs of people .

It is learnt from the researches that each family has had a system since 1950s and 1960s. These years were the golden era for Kargı fabric. After the development of science and technology , Kargı fabric lost its importance. The researches made by us showed that only one or two old women continue to weav Kargı fabric. We can still find some samples of this fabric in the dowries of old women or newly married young girls.

Kargı fabric weaving has lost its importance compared to its history. The dowry equipments used to be made by the kargı fabric. The kargı fabric weaving is still tried to be continued by some families in Gökçedoğan. In the golden era of weaving , people dealt with cotton and silkworming. They started to produce string and silk on their own. In recent years, the string is bought from factories.


It is mostly common in Ortaköy village.

1- Bag Weaving

2- Socks Weaving

3- Carpet  Weaving

4- Wall Pillow Weaving  

a) Bag Weaving: The Food bag whose both sides are woven on loom has square and rectangular shape.It has also fringes and beads on it.

b) Socks Weaving: It is knitted with five knitting needle. It has patterns and swinges on the edges. It has also knee-woven types .

c) Carpet  Weaving: It can be woven by both goat hair or wool. It has natural patterns and it is 5,6 m2 and woven as runner.

d) Wall Pillow Carpet : It is put under the floor cushion. It is woven with mader coloured strings and it has patterns. Willow is  filled with straw and corn stalk.One side of the pillow is woven. But sometimes both sides can be woved.