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Food And Drinks

Food And Drinks

Çatalaşı: It is cooked with green lentil, cracked wheat. Onion is fried in butter first. Mint is added. Water is put and boiled. Lentil is added. After 20 minutes of boiling, 3 glasses of hot water is added.Then cracked wheat is added. 20 minutes later, salt is put. It is boiled at low heat and served.

Wedding Soup: Condensed yogurt is mixed with eggs and flour. Then milk , chicken broth and enough warm water is added.It is boiled. In another pot, two eggs and flour is molded and cut into pieces. It is fried in butter. It is put on the boiled soup. And the sauce of red pepper and butter is also added.

Madımak: Its name can also be seen in songs. It is one of the oldest meal of Middle Anatolia. Madımak is made from onion, cracked wheat, pastrami and cumin paste. Madımak which is chopped in small pieces is washed. Onions are roasted in butter and pastrami is added. Hot water is put and boiled. Finally madımak and cracked wheat are added.

Keşkek: It is made from cracked wheat, onion and meat. Cracked wheat is soaked at night. In the pot, onion, meat, red pepper , salt and butter are roasted. A glass of hot water is added.It is boiled for 15 minutes. Cracked wheat is added with 10 glasses of hot water into the pot. When it boils, it is covered and edges are framed with dough. Only a hole , size of a finger, is left. It is cooked at low heat for 2 hours.

İskilip Dolması: It is made from rice, meat and onion. The soaked rice is roasted in butter. Hot water is added. In another pot, meat is roasted. Onion and hot water is added. When the meat boils, sacıyak is put
and they are put on a tray. The boiled rice is put on them in a cloth bag. The cover of the pot is put and the edges framed with dough. A hole is left for the steam. It is cooked at low heat for 4 hours.

Ortalık : It is cooked with lamb chops. It is roasted in butter. It is put in a pot and onto the live coals. It is covered with a tray and cooked without water.

Çorum Mantısı : Mantı which is filled with minced beef are put on a tray and roasted at low heat. It is covered with a rolled out dough. Sauce prepared by tomato sauce, butter and broth is added onto this dough. After boiling for a while, the dough is shuffled. It is taken from the cooker and cut with a knife.

Tel Tel : Flour is roasted on heavy heat. Sugar, lemon and salts of lemon are boiled until they become wax. The tray is covered with butter and this wax is spread onto tray. It is frozen in a cool room. The tray is heated for 2 minutes on the cooker. The wax is taken as a role from the tray. Two people try to make the wax soft by pinching and they rotate softened wax for 65 times. The roasted flour is put on the tray. The wax is put on this tray and rotated with the flour. When it becomes like hair, it means it is ready. It is cut and served.

Gül Burma : The baklava dough prepared is covered with a wet cloth and left for half an hour. The egg-shaped pieces are taken from the dough and it is changed into thin sheets of dough. The sheets are dried. They are cut in parallel and walnuts are put in it, then it is rolled in the shape of a rose. They are put on a buttered tray. Then it is left for one day to dry. The fried oil is put on it and roasted in oven. Sherbet (mixture of boiled water and sugar) is put on it.

Çorum Baklavası (Lüle Baklava-Sıkma Baklava-Sıyırma) : Baklava dough is rolled out. And “oka” is put in it and the dough is folded from two edges. It is put on a tray and left for one day. Then melted butter and sherbet is added.Walnuts are put on it.

Hasıda: It is made of Pekmez (thick syrup of grape juice) , wheat starch, oil and butter. Water, Pekmez (thick syrup of grape juice) and starch is mixed. It is heated in oily pan. The mixed pekmez and starch is put into pan slowly. It is cooked. When it starts to change into balls, the heated butter is added and it is mixed with a wooden spoon. It is served cold.

Karaçuval Helvası : It is made from flour, butter and pekmez. Flour is roasted in the pan until it becomes black. Then butter is added . Pekmez, granulated sugar, wallnuts and cold water is mixed and put in it. It is stirred and they become egg-size pieces. Coconut can also be put on it.

LEBLEBİCİLİK : (Roasted Chickpea)

Çorum’s famous roasted chickpea is made from black peas. It takes one and half months to make leblebi. In historical stores, the one time roasted leblebi is taken from sacks to the tins then to the basins. In the oven which is heated by wood, leblebi is roasted and they are taken into sacks hot again. In our city you can find a leblebi store in every corner. From the very old times, the big size of pea and its changing into leblebi has gained a reputation. Nonetheless, after the years of 1960s the peas produced in the area is not enough for leblebi production so peas are started to be bought from nearby cities.However, Çorum leblebi has never lost its reputation. The roasting system which is bequeath from one generation to another has a very important role in this reputation. On the one hand, the traditional production method in which producer try to give leblebi a golden colour and taste continues. On the other hand, people also started to use the modern method in which people start to use modern technologyy such as LPG. For the production , a roasting cooker which consist of a fire brick, mud brick , pan and mixer are needed. The woods used shouldn’t make fume. Peas are first categorized as to their size. They are roasted once and put in sacks when they are hot. They are set aside for two days after the second roasting. Then they are spread out on the ground for 15-20 days. Before the third roasting, peas are moisturised and set aside in sacks. In the third roasting the shells of the peas fall. If you want to add pepper, salt, clove , you should do this at this stage. The reputation of Çorum leblebi is because of this  great effort.