Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism

Towers and Castles

Çorum Castle

The construction date of the castle which was built in the South part of the city on a hill is not known.

Evliya Çelebi who came to Çorum in 17th century describes that  the castle was built by Sultan Kılıç and it is a Seljuk building.

It has a square plan. The construction materials are dressed stone and rubble stones and the stones belonging to Roman-Byzantine period.  There are a small mosque and houses inside.





İskilip Castle  

The three edges of the castle are circled with steep rocks, so it has only . north-western  entrance. There are Roman age stone tombs on the rock where the castle was built.




Osmancık Kandiber Castle  


It was built on the rock in the north side of Kızılırmak in the town center. It dates back to Seljuk times and it has a second door in the castle. The castle is on the trade route which extends from İstanbul to Amasya. In the south part of the castle, there are Roman age tombs.


Hacıhamza Castle  

The castle in Hacıhamza İncesu Deresi has a trapezoid plan. It is known that it was built by Ahmet III in 1723. Until 1940, people could settle in the castle.

İskilip Redif Quarters

It has south-north rectangular shape. It has three floors including the basement. It dates back to the early 20th century and it has the architectural qualities of early Ottoman age.

Çorum Clock Tower













It was built in the city center like a minaret by Beşiktaş Guard Çorumlu Yedi-Sekiz Hasan Paşa in 1894. On the incription which has 8 rows and dating back to 1312 on the arched door opening to the South :


Shortly on the incription:

“Şehinşah-ı zaman Abdülhamid Han-ı keremkarın

Ferman-ı kiramından Hasan Paşa-yı bihemta

Bütün evkatını vakf eyledi ihya-i hayrata

Muvvaffak eylesun her dem anı amaline Mevla

Bu saat kulesi ez cümle hayrat-ı güzininden

Yapıldı yümn-ü evferle bu şehri eyledi ihya

Çıkup bir vakt-i eşrefde yazıldı babına tarih

Bu mikat-i celili yapdı bak Lütfi Hasan Paşa, 1312” yazılıdır.  

“This clock tower was built for everyone to know the time.”

It was made by sandstone. From an octagonal part, you can pass to the body. The top is covered by lead dome and it has clock-face in each four side. Balcony is climbed with 81 steps.
Sungurlu Clock Tower

It was built by Governor Edip Bey in 1891. It has a square prism shape . Each floor has small arched Windows except the second floor. It was built with cut stone. There are clock faces in each four side and there is also a balcony.