Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism

Historical Çorum Houses

Tarihi Çorum Evleri

Çorum’s old houses are in harmony with the Turkish traditions. These houses can be seen in the old quarters such as Çepni , Karakeçili , Devane ; İskilip ,Sungurlu and Kargı. Few houses which have the traditional Turkish house standards  are available now.These houses date back to late 19th century and early 20th century.

Çorum house plans contains the combination of Turkish house charactaristics and local features. Terrain and  environmental conditions, economic conditions of families form different designs.  


Veli Paşa Mansion is in Tepecik Quarter Şeyh Eyüp Street No: 13. It was built by Veli Paşa’s son Şevket Bey (Eren 1875-02 June 1940) in 1923-1924.

It has two floors and a basement. It has an interior garden. There are two entrances to the garden and these doors open to the street. There is a two wing door in the north side and there are two other doors which are haremlik (room for women) and selamlık (room for men) .


It is a good example for the Turkish house architecture. It is a part of the historical environment . Veli Paşa Mansion, mosque, avenue and street are the parts of this combination.


It was restored by Çorum Municipality in 2004 originally and it is now changed into a place where Çorum’s culture and art activities are performed and the traditionals dishes are exhibited authentically.


It is in Karakeçili Quarter Alaybey Street . It was build in 1878, during the period of Abdülhamit. It has an interior garden. It has two floors. It is registered as cultural heritage sites.

 It was used as a house until 1975 and restores in 1995 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in order to be used as a restaurant. It serves Çorum dishes and it can serve 87 people at the same time.