Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism



It is in  high mountainous regions of north Kargı. It is 140 km from Çorum and 26 km from Kargı. There are also other plateaus here such as : Eğinönü , Aksu , Karandu , Göl , Örencik , Karaboya , Gökçedoğan. Highland houses which are in harmony in the architecture with the nature are still available here.


    Trouts are  grown in artificial Aksu and Gökçedoğan lakes and it has a great view with the vegetation and water reserves.


When you travel on the road which connects İstanbul to Eastern Black Sea Region, you can travel for 12 km inside the land and you can reach to the Kargı , Aksu ,Çobanlar , Örencik ,Göl ;Çetni ,Doğluca Plateaus or the others.


It is in Köse Mount (205) which is the highest mountain in our city. It is 114 km from Çorum and 26km from the town center. It is 12 km from the highway which connects İstanbul to Samsun. There are two routes. The first one is following İstanbul – Samsun Road and taking the Osmancık highway ; the second is following Ankara-Çorum highway and taking Osmancık Road. 

   Apart from its clean water and unspoiled nature,  it is worth staying here with its distinctive vegetation such as pine, larch. It has a 22 bed hotel , 120 seated restaurant and a picnic area for 1000 people.


     The trekking and horse riding route begin from Abdullah highland through Büklü way and Otuziki Çatal Çam to the Oynar highland. This route is 12 km long. Especially, it is worth watching around with the binoculars from the fire towers in Oynar highland. It would be exciting to see the tree known as Otuz İki Çatal Çam.

      It is possible to reach Abdullah Yaylası by following Çorum Osmancık Kargı road and turning left after Hacıhamza Town. 


    It is Çorum Bayat borders and northern mountanious Karatepe territory. It is 100km from the center and 25 from the town center. The highland tradition is still continued here. Especially, people pitch  tents  for camping in Kuşcaçimeni Highland.

    With its rich vegetation , pine, larch and fir trees are significant in the area. It is worth seeing for its unspoilt nature formation and plenty of clean water resources.

It is possible to reach here in three ways :  

-          From Bayat Town Çerkeş Area

-          From Bayat Town Kunduzlu Area

-         Driving 8 km from İskilip-Tosya Highway , turning left and following Elmalı-Göl-Ahacık villages for 17 km.


There are many highlands in the northern part of İskilip with pine, larch, fir, oak and natural

    Elmabeli-Beşoluk ve Çiçekli Highlands are on the İskilip-Tosya highway. On the same route, if you turn left at the 8th km and go for 17km , you can arrive at Demirbükü and Yalak. These places are preferred for its picnic and historical places.

   İskilip Elmabeli; It is 13 km from İskilip and on İskilip – Tosya highway. This place is used as picnic, sports activities and the infrastructure is about to be completed by Forest Management.

    The infrastructure of Elmabeli highland is mostly completed and it has a building whose top floor is used as a hotel. It has also football pitch and volleyball court.

    Transportation is provides by minibuses and in summertime public buses also go on Saturday and Sunday.

        8 km from Başpınar area and its infrastructure is mostly completed. It is possible to stay in tents. It is in Başpınar which is administered by Osmancık. It is 20km from Çorum Osmancık highway and 50km from Çorum. It is possible to transport from İstanbul-Samsun highway and Ankara-Çorum-Osmancık highway.

       The infrastructure in Karaca highland is mostly completed. It is suitable for camping. It is also possible in city and town centers.

       The route for trekking starts from Karaca highland through Çiçekli Tepe and Cinci Tepe and ends Köklen Historical Site. This route is completely forested area and about 15km long.

       To go to this highland : Take Başpınar Area turen when it is 15km left for Osmancık on Çorum –Laçin-Osmancık highway. Go for  another 8km.           


      It is in İncesu village of Ortaköy Town. İncesi Canyon which has one entrance and an exit is 12.5 km long. The width of the canyon varies to 40-60 meters. The two sides of the canyon has steep rocks and it also has forests from place to place. Canyon, rafting and trekking sports can be performed here. The canyon, which is a natural beauty,  is worth seeing.

       Trekking Route : It starts at Yozgat Aydıncık Kazankaya area and finishes at Çorum-Ortaköy-İncesi village. The high flowrate season is suitable for rafting. In other seasons, it can be used as walking racecourse.

       The way which connects Ortaköy to Amasya will be taken and go for 3 km ; turning left and go for another 6 km will make it possible to reach İncesu Canyon.



     It is one of the recreation spot which is the most visited one. It is under protection of Forest Management and its infrastructure is mostly completed. Çatak Nature Park is 22km from the city centre and serves for domestic tourism.    

    Due to having natural structure, nature park qualities and rich view, 387.5 acres of the place is kept in 1984. The dominant tree type in the area is larch. Yellow pine is seen less. Foxes, rabbits, wolves, singing birds and partridges form the fauna. There are suitable routes for trekking. The first stage begins from Çalyayla villaga turn and Alagöz plataeu. This part is 7 km. The second stage of trekking begins from Alagöz plateau and finishes at Çatak Nature Park after walking 2km. This route is 12km long.

     Çorum-Laçin-Osmancık Yol güzergahı üzerinden 4 km gidilip sola dönülecek , Hamalıçay-Ayaz ve Çatak Köy yolu takip edilerek 18 km daha gidildikten sonra Çatak Tabiat Parkına ulaşılacaktır. 


     This is a close area on Çorum – Samsun highway where people go daily.


        This recreation area which is next to the State Hospital is forested and it is a place where people have picnic and fun.


This is the spring from which the city water is gained. It is among the borders of Kuşsaray village. There is also trout farm which was established by a private company.



         Our city has many productive ecosystems. These places endangered because of the fact that people want to dry them in order to use for farming. Gölün Yazı shelters many wild animals and it organizes the irrigation. It blocks the poisonous material and makes the climate mild.
It is in Çorum-Laçin-Osmancık road and 20km from our city.