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Külliye (complex of buildings adjacent to a mosque)

Külliye (complex of buildings adjacent to a mosque) 
Madrasa (theological school attached to a mosque)
Tombs (large, usually domed)

Hüseyin Gazi Külliyesi

The complex, 3km away from Alaca, contains madrasa, tomb, a soup kitchen, guest house, fountain and pool. The structure, which  used to belong to General Directorate of Foundations but was sold to a person , dates back to 13th century. ( The Madrasa part has been explained in Madrasa link, and Tomb part is explained in Tomb link) Today, the structure has been surrounded with wire and walls  by its owner.  Hüseyin Gazi Külliye consists of madrasa, the soup kitchen at the entrance of madrasa, tomb in the east  part of madrasa,  pool in the north part of madrasa, fountain in the north of yard and guest house which is used as store today.

Kalehisar Külliye (Behramşah Külliye)

Külliye dating back to Seljuk Era  consists of madrasa, bath, tomb  and inn.  ( The madrasa of Külliye is explained in Madrasa link.) The bath of the Külliye is in the southeast part of the madrasa. The structure has a square plan and it is demolished to the base. The inn is in the western part  and only its bases are still there. The tomb belonging to Külliye is in the northern part. The square shaped tomb has only its arch today.

Hüseyin Gazi Madrasa

This madrasa, which is not widely known, is 3 km from Alaca town. It has an original architectural feature and it is an amazing building. The construction date is not known for it hasn’t any incription. Taking the architectural features, it is estimated that it was built around 13th century. It seems like a Külliye. The structure was designed as two mesh parts and the entrance is through a portal made of black and white marble. The portal framed by a simple border has deep niches and its arch is filled with stalactite. Below is there a plate without writing and two carved bosses on two sides. The entrance is made by this portal dating back to middle 13th century. The rectangular shaped hall has two wings in the north side. The cooker place in the north wall shows that this place is a soup kitchen.Through a door made of cut stone , can people pass to the yard. There is a iwan between the entrance door and the yard. It is understood that there were rooms between iwan and yard when looked at the wall ruins. A door was built to the main iwan’s south wall and the entrance was supplied.

Kalehisar Madrasa ( Behramşah Madrasa)

The madrasa which is 2-3km in southern Kaletepe in the part of a külliye here. The construction date is not known but its architectural features show that it dates back to Seljuks. It was built by rubble stone and it has square shape in the direction of north-south. Through a long iwan, you can pass to the open yard. There is a class in each side of iwan, and a room. There are three rooms opening to the yard.  There are ruins in the yard. There is no trace from the portal of the structure.

Hüseyin Gazi Tomb

The tomb available in the Hüseyin Gazi structure complex is in good condition and it is in the south part of the yard. The gate of the tomb is designed to make 45O angle in the yard side. The tomb has a rectangular shape and cross vaulted. The outside dome is thought to be built later. The lower parts of
made of stone and the upper parts are made of bricks. The brick and stones are filled with Khorassan plaster. Entrance is provided through round-arched, stone-framed and embroidered door. There are 12 edge star pattern  and an incription with four lines of writing on the door. The interior walls are made of lime and the names of Allah, Mohammed and khalives’ names are written on it. There are 4 windows  and each one is on each wall. The windows  are getting narrow from outside to inside. On two of the windows, there are 5 edge star patterns. There is also flower pattern on it. There is a grave in the tomb and it has a gravestone.  There is 8 line old writing in the front part of the stone and there is a heart shaped  marble basin at the back.

Demirşıh Tomb

The tomb in Sungurlu Demirşıh village has a rectangular shap and it consists of two square-like rooms. The first room was built again 25-30 years ago. The second room has its original shape. With a low and pointed arched door, you can pass to the tomb section. The place is covered with a tomb. The front lines have three windows and a niche. The construction material is yellow cut stone. It looks like Ottoman era tombs.

Koyunbaba Tomb

It is in Osmancık and built by Sultan Beyazıt II in 1469. It is on a high hill . As to Evliya Çelebi, a mosque, dining hall, feast hall, guest houses and lead covered tomb were built in the tomb. But the structures have only their bases but the tomb itself. The door of the tomb which has two wings and carved is still under protection in Çorum Museum. The tomb was restored by General Directorate of Foundations in 1989.