Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism

Inns and Turkish Baths

Veli Paşa Inn:

It was built by Çepni Paşa who is one of the Yozgat governor. The place and the environment of the inn are described in 1283 and 1303 registers. It burnt completely in 1914 and it was restored by Şevket Bey between the years of 1915-1916.

Velipaşa Inn covers an area of 1000 m2 and it has 2 floors. The mansion part has 3 floors and it is an example for both its plan and architectural design which belongs to Ottoman Era. The inn was made of wood and masonry materials. The building served as a hotel for long years and as to the project which was drawn by Mimar Bülent Çetinor in 1982, there were sections such as stores, coffee houses and a part which is used for tying the horses. Using the two wooden stairs, you could go up and see the 35 rooms. Today, the inn is used as a market.  

Paşa Turkish Bath  

It was built by Tabettin İbrahim Paşa Bin Hacı Bey in 1487. It is an Ottoman piece and is still used.

Ali Paşa Turkish Bath :

The new turkish bath is next to the clock tower and it is one of the biggest one in the city. It was built by Ali Paşa, governor of Erzurum, in 1573.