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Aquaducts -Fountains-Bridges

Aquaducts -Fountains-Bridges

Baltacı Mehmet Paşa Fountain

The fountain in Osmancık built by Baltacı Mehmet Paşa is one of the four fountains still standing.It has an incription of 18 lines on the western side of the fountain.

Koyunbaba Bridge

Koyunbaba Bridge on Kızılırmak in the city center was built during the period of  Beyazıt II. Its construction started in 1484 and it was completed in 1489. The length of the bridge is 250 meters and 7.5 meter in width. It was built by yellow and rectangular shaped cut stone. It has a pointed arch and it has 19 sections.

The name of the bridge comes from Koyunbaba who is one of the Turkish saints. Its incription is written in Arabic. It has 5 parallel rows. The person who had the bridge built is also mentioned in this incription. The prayer of the bridge is not mentioned. On the incription briefly:

“ Thanks Allah for help, thanks Mohammad and his family for showing us the truth. The world is a bridge for people. The permanent life and happiness is not possible for living creatures.

Great, judicious , wise, sultans of Arab and Persians sultans, goodness and power owner Sultan Ebül-Fetih Beyazıt bin Mehmet Han. May his reign continue. This piece was started to be constructed in 889 and finished in 894.”