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The libraries in our city have a very long history ; there are 5 libraries , 3 of which are public and 2 of which are for children, in our city, Our 12 towns , Alacahöyük and Arifegazili have also libraries apart from Laçin.

Hasanpaşa Public Library

Çorum Center Libraries

Province Public Library 

The first library establishment in Çorum dates back to the second half of 18th century . The first foundation library was established by Ali Efendi Bin Mahmut in 1170 (AH) during Ottoman Empire Period. Some libraries were established by Süleyman Fevzi Paşa 1202 (AH) with 600 skins, by Müftü Ahmet Feyzi 1296 (AH) with 6112 books, Hacı Hasan Paşa 1313 (AH) with 900 skins.

These libraries were combined with the Tevhid-i Tedrisat Law (Unification of Education Law) and changed into State Library. They were first established in Halk Evi (public house-  today it is municipal building) .

It was moved to different places between 1924-1960. With the closure of Halk Evi, the books here were given to this library.

The “Library Building Association”  was established in 1956-1957. A new library building was constructed on an area which was provided by municipality with the support of Special Provincial Administration.The library was moved to this building. With the increasing population, this library became  insufficient. Our Ministry built a new library which can be benefited by 200 people at the same time in Mimar Sinan quarter.It was opened on 25th December , 1991. The old building in Bahçelievler still keeps on  serving as Hasan Paşa Library.

Hasan Paşa Public Library

Hasan Paşa Public Library in Bahçelievler has the most reader and the books in the city. There are stores downstairs ;  reader rooms and  administration offices upstairs. Apart from the books about anything,  there are 3692 Rare Manuscripts and 3881 Old Letter Written Pieces. These
rare pieces can all be found in CD’s as well. It is possible to call and have further information about having the cd on these phone numbers :

0-364-221 84 10 (Hasan Paşa Public Library)

0-364-234 73 39 (Province Public Library)

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Faik Tonguç Children’s  Library

In 1954, The first children’s library in Çorum was opened by the Ministry of Education in Albayrak Primary School and it was moved to American barracks in the garden after the fire.It was moved to the basement of İstiklak Primary School in 1960 after it was taken under administration of  Province Public Library. It served until 1963 in this place.

 With the donation of Faik Tonguç, a benefactor from Çorum, and the municipality’s area allocation  a new library was built. The library was moved in this building from the basement of the school and named as its benefactor in 1964.

Mehmet Şadisoğlu Children’s Library

Two flats of Dostlar Site A Block in Bahçelievler were donated to our Ministry in order to be used as libraries by Yaşar Basmacı on behalf of Yılmaz Madencilik.

The flats were restored,  furnished in 1996 and opened on 23rd December 1997.  Upon the desire of the benefactor of the library , the library was named as Mehmet Şadisoğlu Children’s Library.  

Eşref Ertekin Public Library

 The library built on 16th October 2000 was opened in 8th April 2003 in Ulukavak quarter by our Ministry.

Town Public Libraries

Alaca Public Library: It started to serve as children’s library in a small room on the second floor of Special Provincial Administration. It was changed into a public library on the order of our ministry.

The second library opened by the municipality were also taken over by our Ministry’s Our Ministry General Directorate of Libraries on 16th October 1980.
Alacahöyük Public Library: An old hotel was restored and changed into a library on 18th May 1994 in Höyük, Alaca.

Bayat Public Library: Bayat Children’s Library started to serve in a private building. The library opened as children’ library in 1972, was changed into a public libray by our ministry. It serves on the 3rd floor of town hall.

Boğazkale 100.Yıl Public Library: It was opened on the second floor of the building constructed due to the 100th anniversary of Atatürk’s birthday . It was moved to the coffee house belonging to municipality in the market center. This building was collapsed and the library was moved to 3 rooms of Aslanhane Mosque with a ten year contract.

Dodurga Public Library: It started to serve on 10th October 1996 locally. 1554 readers exploited 2428 books until the end of 2004.

İskilip Public Library: The first library was opened in İskilip as the Madrasah Library in 1730. The library which started to serve in Caca Bey Madrasah in 1924 was moved to Public House building. It was moved to the building in the municipal vegetable market and a children’s library was also built on top floors on 1st November, 1972.

The library was moved to today’s modern building which was built by Libraries and Publications General Directorate of our ministry. The collection in the library is very rich. There are 529 manuscripts and 1436 arabic letter written books.

An old people reading room was opened on the ground floor with the support of Mayor Mustafa YILDIRIM  in 1996. This is the first library with old people reading room in Türkiye.

Kargı Public Library: It started to serve as children’s library in town’s park. The second building which used to serve as a restaurant was also restored and combined to the library. Then it became a public library. It was moved to a rented building belonging to Kızılay (Turkish Red Crescent) . The building started to be built in 1997 by our Ministry started to serve 28th December 1999 permanently.It was moved to this building in 2000. It  was named as “Şehit Suat Yaşar Public Library” .

Mecitözü Public Library: It was built in 1965 by Special Provincial Administration. The building belongs to  Special Provincial Administration. The first bottom is used as children’s library and the top floor serves for adults.

Oğuzlar 100.Yıl Public Library:. It was opened with the support Oğuzlar Municipality for the  100th anniversary of Atatürk’s birth. It has a 99 year of contract.

Ortaköy Public Library: It was opened on 16th April 1990 on the first floor of Ortaköy municipality building. It is still tried to find an area for the new library.

Osmancık Public Library: It used to serve on the ground floor of a building built by Special Provincial Administration.When the building was sold , it was moved to a building belonging to Kızılay. It was moved to its building on 27th July, 1999.
Sungurlu Public Library: It was opened in municipality building. It was moved to the ground floor of building constructed by Special Provincial Administration. It was moved to the third floor of Kültür Site belonging to municipality. It was moved to Special Provincial Administration Kültür Site in 1996.

Arifegazili Public Library: It was opened on the ground floor of Arifegazili Municipality. It was moved to a private building in 1991.

It was then moved to the first floor of municipality in 1994, because it was moved to its new building.

The number of the books is 5441 and the number of readers is 4433 until the end of 2004.

Uğurludağ 100 Yıl Public Library: It was opened in 1981 for th 100th anniversary of Atatürk’s birthday. The place used to be a coffee house. It served there for ten years. bettimem