Çorum Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism

Çorum Under Ottoman Rule

The political unity established by Yıldırım Beyazıt ended after the Battle of Ankara (1402). In the period of Çelebi Sultan Mehmet who was under cover of Timur, Çorum was administered by Ottoman Empire. This period lasted until the republic period. Çelebi Sultan Mehmet founded a commandership in Çorum and he had Köpökoğlu Sülü and his brother Hüseyin killed. He also had to cope with Babaiye Religious Group supporters. 

Çelebi Mehmet who united Ottomans assigned his son Murat II as the governor of Amasya. Murat’s assistant Hamza Bey served Çorum a lot. Çorum changed into a city where Karayazıcı  rioted.

Çorum in the eye of Evliya Çelebi in 1649

We set off in the morning from Kırkdilim Deresi and we came to a village which we don’t know with a heavy heart. This is a 200 house village in Çorum.

Çorum has 42 quarters and 42 mosques. It has 4300 houses and it is covered with gardens. “Yeni Hamam” is very beautiful. It has schools in seven places. Murathan Gazi Madrasah is very famous. There are 11 primary schools and 18 fountains everywhere.

It has three tekke (dervish lodge) and 300 stores. It has any kind of tradesmen. It has
knowledgeable people, witty Chalabis (educated person) , scholars, religious people and  the sheikhs. The faces of the people are red thanks to the fresh air and water. It has a four cornered castle in the south to be sure about the enormity of Celali and Cemali , but it is small.

There is Aşık Paşa Oğlu Şeyh Ulvan (Elvan) Çelebi Ziyaretgahı (place of pilgrimage) near Çorum. He is one of Orhan Gazi’s sheikhs. He has many pieces.

We came to “Seydim Sultan Tekke” on the elevent day. It is a big tekke. We arrived at “Karakeçili Village”. It is 200-house-village in Çorum. We went to İskilip, then. İskilip is the central town. It has many scholars, madrasas and students. This is a realm of education.

When we arrived at Osmancık, we saw “Sheikh of Bektashi” tomb. Koyun Baba was buried here. 

There is a bridge built by Sultan Beyazid-i Veli. The master architect built a great bridge on a crazy river.

Its castle is in the east of Kızılırmak and it is reached with a bridge. It is on  a big rock and it is very strong. Its has 800 steps.