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Çorum In The War of Independence

The War of Independence can be explained in three stages.

Çorum before 19th May,  1919

 Doctor Mustafa Cantekin played a great role in the foundation of Vatan ve Hürriyet Cemiyeti (Motherland and Freedom Society) is the root of  İttihat ve Terakki Party (Union and Progress Party). Münüf Kemal and Captain Selahattin leaded in the foundation of İttihat ve Terakki Party in Çorum.

The general conflict before the World War I affected Çorum as well and the people who supported independence and making a deal with the enemies went into operation under the heel of Lawyer Kamil and Lawyer Sabit. İttihat ve Terakki Party was closed down.

Events Between 19th May, 1919 and 23rd April 1920

The conflict in the country was also available in Çorum when Gazi Mustafa Kemal came to Samsun. In this time, Çorum was a city in the district of  Ankara. The governor of the city was Samih Fethi who was working for Ankara Governor Muhiddin Paşa. They were against the national independence and they were supporting the Ottoman Sultan. Atatürk invited Ali Fuat Cebesoy to Havza for a meeting . Ali Fuat Cebesoy came to Çorum on 16-17 June and became our guest. Ankara Governor Muhiddin Paşa came to Çorum for him and he talked to Governor Samih Fethi to arrest him. He couldn’t succeed. 

When Atatürk fulfilled Erzurum Congress and came to Sivas, Samih Fethi tried to hinder him but he wasn’t able to achieve his goal. Mehmet Tevfik Efendi and French Teacher Dursun Bey were sent to Sivas Congress as representatives  of Çorum.

The Details of The Events Happened In Çorum Until The Proclamation of Republic

Upon the circular of Gazi Mustafa Kemal about choosing five representatives from each city , five people chosen from Çorum were sent to the parliament in Ankara. Haymana Governor Cemal Bey were assigned as the Çorum Governor in this time. and Turkish National Assembly was opened one day later.

In the hardest time of National Independence, Çorum was under danger of Çapanoğulları and Pontus supporters. With the loyalty of Çorum’s people to National Independence, the rebellion was quelled before it spread.

Çorum is one of the cities which has the most casualties in the War of Independence. 1510 people  who took part in the war were given the Medal of Independence.